Create Like Crazy

This is a fun blog that highlights “empowering the creative in you”.




My blog was created almost as a reference, but also as a small, quick look into a student’s life. I have no idea what’s going on with my life, so I just bookmark things and dog ear pages. 


Hard Work Pays Off

So, this is very fresh news. As in about less than an hour ago, Lisa Dobias announced the winner of the Semesterly Media Planning Project….and I can’t believe it was my group.

I had a blast and learned a ton this year. Our team worked extremely well together, and I definitely attribute our win to that. Well, and our 10 hours a week spent together- working on our TreeHouse plan book, listening to ridiculous playlists and eating Cane’s. I am exhausted from this semester but I know that I learned that this industry of Advertising and Public Relations is for me. I’m so proud of our group- WE DID IT!



Standardized Testing

Ok, I’m not writing this blog post because I failed a multiple choice test or anything (but I HAVE). But I will say that it’s really difficult to answer the type of question that’s formatted like this: 

How is the weather today? 

a. Alright 

b. Freezing

c. Pretty Cold

d. I’m sweating

e. 2 of the above

f. 2.5 of the above

g. None of the above

It’s frustrating to take a test like this. I understand it’s quick and easy to grade, however, I don’t believe it accurately measures intelligence. 

This photo inspired this blog post. 




Thanks, Mom

I love the digital age (obviously, I’m a blogger…sort of). BUT I still am (and will always be obsessed with hard copies of books).

I think it’s much more enjoyable to be able to hold a book in your hands, physically turn the pages and dog ear the edges.

My mother recently delivered some of her old art books from grad school to me. I don’t have time to look at all of them now, but I can’t wait to spend Christmas reading all they have to offer. I’m especially excited about the Bauhaus book!